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At ZINGGR, we're building an on-demand food delivery startup that is delighting many customers across Malaysia with time-guaranteed deliveries and an obsession with keeping customer service levels ridiculously high. We are changing the course of online food delivery in the country, one city at a time!

ZINGGR offers you an exciting and challenging environment in which you can grow and thrive. We are offering you roles in which you will be fundamentally impacting the success of the company.

At ZINGGR, we are looking for people who are concerned about the customer at all times. Customer centricity is a key tenet of all our processes.

We value creativity, hard work, initiative and radical ideas.

If this sounds exciting to you, then come have a chat with us ASAP.

Open Positions

New zealand

  • Sales & Marketing Executive (Commission Basis)
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  • Job scope
    1. Introduce iMakan to restaurants and riders. Sign up restaurants and riders accordingly and prepare them for operation readiness.
    2. Provide technical support to the restaurants and riders.
    3. Promote restaurants for Sales improvement.

  • Operation Executive (Commission Basis)
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  • Job scopes:
    1. Manage the day to day operations. Serve as liaison person for restaurants, riders and customers.
    2. Standby to step in as rider when necessary.
    3. Manage customers complaint.
    4. Promote restaurants for Sales improvement.

  • Freelance Delivery Rider(commission per delivery)
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  • Job scopes:
    1) Receives and Accepts orders through iMakan Rider app when he/she is available.
    2) Picks up food from restaurant and deliver it to the customer.
    3) Follow iMakan's SOP when doing delivery.
    4) Work during your free hours and from anywhere.

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